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Just like no two bodies are the same, no two coaches are the same either. At Pink Iron, our "tribe" is lead by some of the most incredible coaches who will leave you laughing and inspired.

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AFTER YEARS OF YO-YO DIETING while being a competitive athlete, laura realized she wasn't alone in her struggle to always be "perfect". When she envisioned pink iron, she knew it could be the supportive, community-driven fitness studio that it is today! Her mission: TO help WOMEN move PAST THE IMAGE THEY SEE IN THE MIRROR TO focus on how amazing and perfect they are right now.

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a competitive swimmer (who still holds state records in utah!), stephanie took to pink iron like a fish in water. [see what we did there?] her hilarious sense of humor and infectious energy will have you leaving her classes laughing and smiling the whole way home.



a self-proclaimed "awkward turtle", al joins us as a coast-to-coast girl. living in both california and maine, al's west coast vibe will have you laid back in class but still getting a major sweat! she is fun, peppy, full of energy, and always pushes you to be your best!


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