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Just like no two bodies are the same, no two coaches are the same either. At Pink Iron, our "tribe" is lead by some of the most incredible coaches who will leave you laughing and inspired.

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Laura, Owner

AFTER YEARS OF YO-YO DIETING while being a competitive athlete, laura realized she wasn't alone in her struggle to always be "perfect". When she envisioned pink iron, she knew it could be the supportive, community-driven fitness studio that it is today! Her mission: TO help WOMEN move PAST THE IMAGE THEY SEE IN THE MIRROR TO focus on how amazing and perfect they are right now.

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Kat, Coach

A Utah native, Kat is one of - are you ready? - 14 brothers and sisters! She has one of the most amazing outlooks on life, and is an incredible fitness trainer. We know you will lvoe her style & humor as much as we do!

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Lindsay, Coach

Coach Lindsay has been a staple in the Utah fitness industry for years (though you wouldn’t know it because she looks so darn young!). Catch a class with Lindsay and you’ll find a bumping playlist (lots of throwback rap & hip-hop), and a great time.

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Izzy, Coach

A shining ray of light, Coach Izzy is a fan favorite for her sweetness & spunk. With awesome hit songs on her playlist, Iz will get you through the toughest of workouts with a smile on your face.

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Shonda, Front Desk

It was nearly impossible to find a picture of Shonda where she is'n’t with at least one other person. Even in this picture she isn’t alone! And that’s because she’s just so darn lovable. Shonda will make you feel ready to go before every class, answer your questions, and help you know just how great you are.

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Makenzi, Front Desk

Makenzi is our resident makeup guru. She has an eye for all things beauty and we love having her around to tell us what lip color we should try next (among all the other amazing things she does around the big pink gym!). See Makenzi in the evenings when you come to rock out your next nighttime class!


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