The Workout

Every day is different. We combine traditional circuit training with high-intensity functional movements to give you the best workout you've ever had! We change up the movements, the timing, the stations, it's a totally new workout every time you come to class. You'll keep your body guessing and when you're done, you're floored at how it went by so fast!

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Arrive Early!
5-10 minutes before class is scheduled to start

We love meeting new athletes and want to make sure your first experience at Pink Iron is awesome! If you show up a bit early we can show you around and make sure you’re set up for a killer workout. Part of that is making sure you’re there for our instructor’s run through of the class where we demonstrate proper form and safety.

Paperwork is never fun, so we'll try and keep it as upbeat as we can! Making sure you arrive early (see past note) will help get you in the door and ready to get your workout on.

We get it - things come up, and life happens. Throw us a text to (385) 213-2559 if you’ve signed up for class but aren’t going to be able to make it. Thank you!